The Impossible Burger is here to stay!

We are proud to announce that the awesome IMPOSSIBLE BURGER is now a permanent fixture! Due to an overwhelming reaction we have completely eliminated beef and lamb from our menu and replaced it with the Impossible Patty.

Along with having the Impossible Burger now on our menu, did you also know we only use COMPOSTABLE paper products and straws? We no longer automatically give you straws with your drinks, unless for some reason you really need one, we will still have compostable ones on hand.

It all makes a difference and we thank you for your continued support as we sincerely strive to make changes to better this planet of ours.

Why No Beef or Lamb?



Delicious Vegan, Vegetarian and Omnivore food. Quality adult beverages, fair prices, mixed strong. Weekly events and the largest outdoor patio & fire pit in Portland.


Motorcycle Parking Available!

 Happy Hour Specials!

Happy Hour Specials!

Dog-Friendly Patio Area!