We're celebrating Portland Pride weekend with CONTROL TOP, hosted by Chanticleer Tru!

Rye Rye
Bomb Ass Pussy

Roy G Biv
Mr. Sister
Gossip Cat

Gogos: Nikki Lev / S Luc Smith / Leila Bean 
Photos: #1 Must Have 

Tickets are $12 Advance / $15 DOS 


Baltimore U.S.A based, Rye Rye, already heralded by NME in trends for 2008 as “the latest prodigy from the Spank Rock stable that has A&Rs frothing,” is the new face of female hip-hop …this is Nu-Hop! Nu-Hop had been stripped of negativity and this 17 year old rapper is throwing a fresh, unique, dance fueled, fun direction into the mix.

Rye Rye's debut single “Shake It To The Ground” assisted by DJ BlaQstarr has received global attention, resulting with 1,000,000 youtube video views, the backing of Hollywood blogger extraordinaire Perez Hilton, a feature on MTV U.S.A News and currently in the UK the video is on MTV Base/ MTV2 / MTV dance. Rye Rye is a protégé of British/Sri Lankan femcee M.I.A, whom were both on the live explosive uberactive Kala tour, along with rapping on M.I.A s recent hit “Paper Planes” she also performed with her on the David Letterman show U.S.A.

“Rye Rye, people like this are making eccentric solo fem-punk the most exciting post-new rave proposition” –NME, The Future 50. April 2008.

“Rye Rye has developed her own style and people are loving what she is bringing to music” – M.I.A (music artist) 


Transplants from Los Angeles, transplants from drag, transplants from another planet of fierce queer creatures—the trio Bomb Ass Pussy tells stories of queer identity and celebration through hip hop. Their music is raw and visceral- a blend of Lil Kim and Queen Latifah with the reading of real radical feminism. Upon releasing their mixtape UNLEASHED this summer- BAP has worked up and down the west coast playing shows with Hi- Fashion, Magic Mouth, Double Duchess, and Cakes Da Killa. Take a look into what the pacific northwest is creating in terms of hip hop and we promise it will be more interesting than anything Macklemore has to say. 

Chanticleer Trü is a musician, performance artist, and celebutante who currently resides in Portland, Oregon. His body of work encompasses music, theater, fringe, dance, visual installation, drag, film, cabaret, and good time instigation. When he's not turning looks and heads the world over, you can catch him channeling as front-man of "Post Phunk" dance outfit Magic Mouth or moonlighting as Serendipity Jones.

Look for the release of Magic Mouth's video for Mother Lode coming soon...


Roy G Biv has been the main organizer, promoter, and DJ for quarterly Control Top, monthly Panty Raid, and Mooseknuckle in Seattle. This girl has been around for quite sometime and has worked with acts such as 
Vockah Redu, JD Samson, Spinderella, Double Duchess, and Lauren Flax. Listen more at http://www.mixcloud.com/roygbiv666/

Nark (a.k.a. Kevin Kauer, Editor in Chief of Nark Magazine and Bottom Forty founder) has been exposing himself at parties around the nation, hip to hip with the finest musicians and record selectors around such as Bicep, In Flagranti, Jacques Renault, Tensnake, Honey Soundsystem, Prosumer, Tim Sweeney, Shit Robot, Horse Meat Disco, Moon Boots, Hunee, Sleazy McQueen, DJ Assault, House of Stank and many more. His constant drive to send a dance floor through space keeps a flowing stream of classic club, techno, acid and post-modern disco at your feet, just waiting to tango.

Please note:
This is a queer and queer allies party. We are anti-racist, body-positive, sex positive, queer-as fuck freaky radicals who strive to create an environment of respect, celebration, and fun in our parties.

Therefore, disrespectful, belligerent, heterosexist, misogynist, transphobic, ableist, fat phobic, racist, and/or violent behavior is not welcome and those who exhibit it will be asked to leave immediately.