After a couple months' hiatus - WE GOT THIS is back to bring you yet another talent-packed show! 

This time around we're switching gears from the nightclub to the social club for some daytime action & fun in the sun before it leaves again for quite some time. 

Come get schwilly with us for one of the last romps we can have outside in the sunlight! Without further adieu, the lineup:

✚✚✚✚✚✚ LION KNGS ✚✚✚✚✚✚
Team Supreme - LA

Met in the fall of '12, through mutual friend Sasha Grey. She introduced the two while in line for the ferris wheel at Electric Daisy Carnival Vegas. They connected over a shared love of extreme couponing and re-runs of Murder She Wrote + Welcome Back Cotter, thus spawning this sexy, yet bass-fueled collaborative project. After countless trips to Sea World and like, a million sleepovers, the two initially decided to form an elctro-jazz/polka-fusion project, but eventually settled on this.

✚✚✚✚✚✚ !!! SPECIAL GUEST !!! ✚✚✚✚✚✚

& of course.... <<<<Your WE GOT THIS CREW Residents>>>>

✚✚✚ EXODUB ✚✚✚


✚✚✚ DOC RIZ ✚✚✚

✚✚✚ PRISM LAB ✚✚✚