Portland synth-funk quintet Swahili will release their sophomore album, AMOVREVX (pronounced am-or-euh).......Named for the sixth arcanum of the Tarot de Marseilles, AMOVREVX mainly utilizes ’70s-style funk and disco-y synth (à la Sly and the Family Stone, Funkadelic, and Giorgio Moroder), and the genre-hopping outfit is easily at its best on the disc’s ebullient opener, the 11-minute-long “Bardo,” but Swahili can get sensual, too, as seen on the mid-tempo and seductive “Hindsight.  - SPIN

Stream album at http://www.spin.com/articles/swahili-amovrvx-album-stream


Swahili (Translinguistic Other/New Classics)

DJ Gigs [[Natasha Kmeto]] (Dropping Gems)

Lamar LeRoy (Futro)

Acid Farm 

This will be an outdoor event so lets invite some great weather and good vibes!