The White Owl is proud to host a FREE SHOW featuring the dreamlike, ominous sounds of Relapse recording artists True Widow:

"On True Widow’s highly anticipated third album ‘Circumambulation’ [released summer 2013], the Dallas heavy ‘stonegaze’ trio hone in on their trademark syrupy simplicity with absolute perfection. Equal parts drone, post-rock and shoegaze, ‘Circumambaulation’ is the band’s most, controlled, concise and realized effort yet. Simultaneously True Widow’s darkest and poppiest record, ‘Circumambaulation’ is a moody triumph of a record perfect for both super late nights, and early Sunday mornings. Rarely does a band capture the vibe of dreary haze together with sticky male/female harmonies so infectiously."

In support, check out the doomy tapestries of Portland two-piece Muscle and Marrow. Get a taste of both bands below: