Mid summer edition of Your Sunday Best has arrived.

Mr. Jesse Walker (New City Movement, SLC)
Jason Burns (Nervous, Soup NYC)
Cee White (Chuck Bros, CHI/PDX)

and Residents
Andy Warren

About Mr. Jesse Walker

As a celebrated DJ, designer, event, and music producer, Jesse Walker has helped shape underground dance music, design, art and culture in Utah since the mid-1990's.
Founder and editor of New City Movement (NCM), Walker has become an ambassador-at-large for America's best-kept secret; Salt Lake City, Utah.
When he's not playing host to respected artists from around the world, Walker can be found gracing dance floors, discotheques and music festivals from Havana to Reykjavík. His mixing style is at once organic and eclectic—deeply moving and surprising where you least expect it.
Walker is also known for his collaboration on large-scale installation and site-specific performance-based artworks. Including for the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art (UMOCA), Utah Arts Festival and as a music supervisor and designer for NOW-ID, an international dance company based in Salt Lake City.