Dancing could be defined as not giving a shit if someone is watching as you move your body, perhaps ungracefully, to the beat of the music. It's exercise. It's seductive. It might lead to children if you weren't already so damn tired.

Come one and all parents and tired people! We're back for more party times without having to bring a diaper bag! Come get your groove on at the first Skipping Bedtime -2019v1 which does imply there are more funtimes ahead, more opportunities to reclaim that old you, the one that had the fun, the one without responsibilities. BUT, seize the moment people. Get it while you can. Make it a plan because sanity, well, is sanity and we're often lacking it.

Our main woman, DJ Rescue (Zia McCabe) returns, spinning an eclectic mix of fun times, guilty pleasures, rare dance cuts, new and old hip hop. She'll take requests! You know you've got that one song that just does it for you. Tell her what you want to hear. 

No cover. No babies.